Alice Matheson

A gentle soul who only wants to help.... or is she?


Alice is average height, slim, with worn hands and a welcoming expression. She has stringy blond hair kept in two braids and watery brown eyes.


Alice’s only concern in life is to help those in need. An only child, she has been doted on her parents all her life. Her mother often suffered from poor health when Alice was a child, so she learned early on how to care for the ill. A student during the Great War, Alice recently completed her residency at the largest hospital in New Rochelle. She became a nurse in the chronic illness ward, and spent her days easing the suffering of others.

If Alice has one weakness, it is an inability to separate herself from other people’s pain. This resulted in anxiety problems, which she began to see a doctor for recently and was prescribed anti-anxiety medication. Alice believed she was getting better, and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Scarlett Fever vaccine some two weeks before arriving at Pelham. That is the last she truly remembers, before being escorted here by her parents.

Not really understanding why she is here, Alice obeys all instruction given to her by the nurses and doctors, so that she can get well as soon as possible and return to her work.

Alice Matheson

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